Kevin Hart: Uncle Richard jr. (HQ)


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  1. what does it mean?

  2. Say it with your chest little ass nigga………I’m sick of this muthafucka, Kev pin the tail on his ass! Hahahahaha Kevin hart is hilarious. Best comedian

  3. can i get a peal his his muffin cap back blue? SAY IT WTH YOUR CHEST! *sticks his chest out* can i get a peal his muffin caps back blue? LMFAO!

  4. he didnt see his in 15 years??!!?? why didnt he visit him in jail? lol

  5. Close your mouth before someone come up and put a dick on ya’ll xD AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

  6. Put the goddamn jelly on the mothafuckin sandwich. DO IT! SPREAD IT!

  7. relax ur ass man. lmao!

  8. say it wit yea chest little ass nigga hahahah

  9. ugh I just looked up what this means…lol

  10. Idk, hes been sayin it all day, just let us figure out what it means LOL

  11. is that a drink pull his muffin top cap back blue

  12. is that a drink.?
    lmfao lol